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gynaecological scans - Subfertility and follicle tracking

Travelling Abroad for IVF Treatment

We offer scans for Infertility analysis.

Couples who are having Fertility Treatment abroad or within the UK, want the facility to access an Ultrasound Scan on a particular day of the menstrual cycle at a convenient location and at a time to suit. The Women's Scan Clinic recognise the level of support needed locally and specialise in delivering our services when you need them at a competitive cost.

We are not a specialist fertility clinic but provide local support and back up facilities for those undergoing IVF abroad and within UK. All our sonographers are fully qualified and trained in performing Transvaginal Scans. We fully understand that timing is often of the essence and we can provide Endometrial Thickness and Follicle Scans Six to Seven Days a week if needed.

Our state-of-the-art scanning equipment provides the latest in ultrasound technology. You may attend for a one of gynaecology ultrasound or book a series of scans as per your personal plan developed by your chosen IVF Centre. All scans are performed using a vaginal probe (a small device inserted gently into the vagina) to obtain the clearest views of the pelvis, the uterus lining referred to as Endometrial Thickness, Ovaries and the number and size of the egg producing Follicles . Services provided by all Female Sonographers:

Our services are ideal in support of any In Vitro Fertilization services that you might be doing or thinking of doing.

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